Friday, January 9, 2009

365 Picture Challenge

I participate in a social network called Plurk, one of many that I dabble in, and discovered that a group of Plurkers were participating in a picture challenge to post a picture a day beginning January 1. I joined a few days late, but am hoping that this is one challenge (unlike the few in the past that I've tried) that I may be able to stick to or at least be somewhat successful at completing.

We have a group on Flickr called 365random where we can post our pictures. I think for me that "random" was key. I doubt I could stick to a theme for 365 days. Thankfully, having a Blackberry with a decent camera has so far (and should continue to) made it easy and convenient to take pictures and upload them. It's great having a Flickr app to handle the uploads and so far it has worked each time.

So am I up for the challenge? I might not be as tenacious as this squirrel trying to get these nuts off the tent spike, but I plan on trying!

Cyril the squirrel up for a challenge 15:54:50

Photo credit Flickr: exfordy

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