Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mystery Science Artifact Day 22 1/27/09

I think I may have promised more biology pictures and here's one. Do you know what this is? Be careful, it can stare back!

Monday, January 26, 2009

My lunch Day 21 1/26/09

My lunch Day 21 1/26/09
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This was my lunch for today.

Cookie Monster Day 20 1/25/09

This is one of my sons and if given the choice between cake and cookies, he'll go for his grandmother's sugar cookies any day! If the cake was chocolate, then I'm sure it would be a much more difficult decision. This child will eat an entire plate of her sugar cookies if given the chance.

Uncle Betty's BBQ - Day 19 1/23/09

Going home Friday night, I asked my kids where they wanted to eat and they both agreed on Uncle Betty's BBQ. I only wish I had not already eaten dinner that night because their food is sooo good. At least they left me a bite of pork.

Folk Art Explained Day 18 1/22/09

We have set up a small gallery in our central office and my district's Fine Arts Coordinator needed to take a picture of the back of a piece of art so he could show the explanation of the art next to the piece itself. In this particular genre of folk art, the artist explains the story behind what they painted on the front. This is just a piece of plywood. I'll have to get a picture of the front as well.

Video Conferencing System Day 17 1/21/09

This is the mounted Polycom video conferencing systems we have in our central office. We were getting ready to have a conference with some people at GaTech when I took this picture.